ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An Abilene man was contacted by scammers pretending to have his dog who went missing this week.

Jacob Bogard’s dog Hazel escaped from his yard around N 18th Street and Park Avenue around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

He posted a notification on Facebook letting the public know his dog was missing and that there was a reward for her return.

Not even 12 hours later, he received a text from a number with a non-local area code from a woman who identified herself as Rekha, saying she had his dog.

However, Bogard quickly became suspicious after Rekha kept demanding he give her a 6 digit code to prove he was the real owner, and she also refused to send him pictures of the dog.

Here is a transcript of their text message exchange, with original grammar and syntax included for context. Rekha’s texts are in bold, and Bogard’s are in italiacs:

hi i’m Rekha..
your dog is with me..
wait are you the owner?

Hi Rekha are you completely positive it’s her
Yes this is Jacob


I’m freaking out right now are you sure?

ok,I want to send a Google voice code.If you are the real owner show me that code.
can i send the code to you?

Uhh sure idk what that is but yeah

i just sent the code to you.
show that 6 digit code. 

Can’t you just call me this seems sketchy
I can prove it some other way

this is just for verification
if you really got that 6 digit code, show that..

idk if you’re trying to hack or something I don’t trust that idk
You’re typing kinda weird too


Prove it

after verification i will meetup..

send a picture of her

i will send it to its real owner
i think you arent the owner..plz leave me alone

If you do have her
It’s all on my Facebook post with my number?

i have the dog

I don’t understand

you dont have the code even
text that 6 digit code if you are real

I do but you don’t even have an Abilene area code what am I supposed to think
Never heard of a code to verify your dog

text the 6 digit number 

That’s sketchy

sent from 22000

Idk why you’re trying to mess with me If you can’t even send a picture of her then you’re lying

pet scammer

What would it hurt to SHOW ME
You’re the scammer 

The conversation ends there. Thankfully, Bogard didn’t fall for the scam, but his dog Hazel is still missing and he is longing for her to come home.

Other people who commented on and shared his Facebook post say they were also contacted by scammers when their pets went missing.

KTAB and KRBC have reached out to Abilene police for more information on this scam.

Nonprofit organization Petco Love says scams like these are unfortunately common. They advise anyone who has lost their furry friends to watch out for these warning signs when someone contacts them about their missing pet:

  • They say they have your pet but can’t provide photos.
  • They offered the exact image you posted but edited it to lighten or change the background.
  • They make threats regarding your pet.
  • They make excuses about why you can’t see your pet in person or in photos.
  • They ask for money or other sensitive information like a Google verification code.

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