WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Over this past weekend, ERCOT advised Texans to start conserving energy with the heat coming on strong.

“As for summer, we’re ready,” ERCOT officials told Texans during a press conference this week.

But, with these temperatures continuing to rise and summer still a month away, how do the residents feel about having to start conservation earlier than expected?

“My first concern is my electric bill,” Hewitt Resident Tia Selby said. “Just trying to conserve that energy and so turning it into 70 that’s a little bit inconvenient but I mean we got to do what we have to do.”

Selby said that although it can be uncomfortable in her home due to the conservation and the hot temps outside, she is happy to keep her bills low and do what she can without power to keep her home cool.

The Glaske family is also on the same page.

“It makes sense,” they said. “I mean it wasn’t this hot last summer around this time. So anywhere we can conserve energy also helps us save money and stuff.”

Oncor shared tips with FOX 44 News on how you can conserve energy but still stay cool.

They say the first way to conserve power is to unplug devices when they’re not being used, even if they are off they can still be using electricity.

The second is to set your thermostat two or three degrees higher than normal and to keep your a/c unit out of direct sunlight.

All of these ways can not only keep your electric bill down but can help lower the chances of causing a power outage.

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