FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — Engineers with the 74 Multi-Road Bridge Company (MRBS) set up tactical gap crossings on Fort Hood training grounds to show how they maneuver natural barriers.

Company Commander Captain Carley Lafranchi explained their work depends on the terrain they are crossing and the engineers are the ones that pave the way for the rest of the soldiers.

“So we can build engagement areas, we can get them across obstacles, whether it be a combat obstacle like a minefield or an environmental obstacle, like a gap or a river,” she told FOX 44 News. “And we essentially put maneuver where they need to be so that they can fight our nation’s wars and win them.”

But these trainings take an enormous amount of planning and preparation before even entering the terrain.

Sergeant Omar Raygoza explained how they were feeling today.

“First, you have to be able to conduct a recon, see if our equipment can even like drop into the water then what with the water depth and everything, because you have to have a certain amount of feet and inches in order to even just drop a boat,” he said. “Going through the crawling phase and be able to prepare for the mission on site and everything. And just, you know, obviously there’s curveballs thrown. I think we reacted perfectly to it.”

III CORPS Deputy Commanding General Christopher Beck was at today’s training to witness the crossings and says this is just the beginning of where this could take the new generation of military tactics.

“Operations like gap crossing are absolutely critical to our success and they are done as a combined arms team at the division level, at the BCT level,” he said. “And that’s what this capability, this training center will give us.”

Units are continuing to look forward to their training at the gap cross training center.