BELL COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) — The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is calling on all seniors and adults over the age of 55 to volunteer, mentor, and serve children with exceptional needs.

Now considered a legacy program, the Foster A Grandparent initiative piloted in Denton, Texas and has been around since 1965, spreading throughout Texas and operating nationwide.

Coordinators are looking to expand the program even more to reach the youth in Bell County cities like Temple and Belton.

Texas Health and Human Services Volunteer Services Coordinator Bernadette Wolfe shared why this program is an impactful one.

“It’s a great program that keeps you in touch with the community, in touch with what’s going on in our local area. Keeps you active. You get to meet all the little children and they love you. They just love on you. They see you. Their eyes light up. There’s something about seniors and children together that just makes this magic,” says Wolfe.

The Texas organization recruits income eligible adults ages 55 and over to volunteer and mentor students in schools, summer camps, boys and girls programs, and any opportunities for a grandparent to provide love, emotional support, and guidance to the youth in their community.

Part of the outreach for this program is to involve the community by collaborating with other youth oriented groups in Bell County.

“What we could use from the community is more stations, more places that have programs with children as if they’re a nonprofit. We’re able to bring them on board and we can place grandparents with them,” shares Volunteer Services Coordinator Wolfe.

She also promises, “Our youth would truly benefit from having a grandparent in the classroom.”

For more information about volunteering, you can reach out to FGP Volunteer Services Coordinator Bernadette Wolfe at or 254-563-3230.

Learn more about the Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program by visiting here.