WACO, Texas (FOX – 44) Jimmy Carter is one of the most famous and impactful former presidents. To summarize his words, “I do whatever I can… with whatever I have to make a difference.”

Despite Carter’s name recognition as a presidential candidate, he was the first to get his launch in the Iowa caucuses.

When elected, Carter’s presidency was filled with challenges. Challenges like high inflation, high gas prices, and the Iranian hostage crisis.

Possibly one of Carter’s most important advancements in his presidency was brokering the peace deal between Israel and Egypt.

Post-presidency, Carter continues to remain in the public eye for his charitable work and giving. He is active in providing aid overseas and monitoring elections in new democracies.

Jimmy Carter established the Carter Center in 1982, a non-governmental organization to help improve life for people in more than 80 countries.

The Center focuses on resolving conflicts alongside advancing democracy and human rights.

Carter’s servant leadership style inspires people across the nation and in Central Texas to serve with Habitat for Humanity.

The Jimmy Carter work projects provided national awareness for Habitat for Humanity, helping families have a respectable place to live.

Waco’s Habitat for Humanity Executive Director John Alexander shares how he has seen Carter’s influence personally.

“We had a world leaders build where Jimmy Carter invited the world leaders to come and build habitat homes during the week. And President George W. Bush came and built a home with us here in Waco. And just to show during that week that people from opposite sides of the political spectrum could join in and pick up a hammer and help their neighbors build a home.”

Carter’s reason why is founded on his faith. He was the first presidential candidate to call himself a born again Christian.

Post-presidency he taught Sunday school lessons at church and people came from all over the country and world to hear his messages.