WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Team USA fans gathered today to watch the men’s soccer team face-off against Iran.

Match three drew crowds of all ages to the Dancing Bear Pub earlier today.

Fans sported their best USA gear as they chanted and cheered team USA to victory.

Soccer fans, sports lovers, and even newcomers to the game of soccer were proud to support the men’s soccer team as they played thousands of miles away from home.

“I am a proud American. And while I do not watch soccer most of the year round, I will happily watch it on the day that we sit down to break through in the knockout rounds. I’m so excited. It feels so good. And also, Dancing Bear is just an amazing place.” says soccer fan Evan Lawson

This game wasn’t only highly anticipated because of the stakes, but also because of the flag controversy the team has faced with Iran while playing in Qatar.

Nonetheless, fans here in Central Texas never shy away from a good time and supporting the country they love.

Longtime soccer fan Christopher Salazar shares why the Dancing Bear Pub is the place to be.

“We had to go here to watch this, you know, winner go home game to meet with everybody that is going to cheer on the USA.”

Lawson adds, “You know, when I heard that they had the game on and special deals, I had to come by, I had to show up and show my support.”

After waiting the four year cycle for the Fifa World Cup to make its return, fans all over the world are eager to see their teams go far and win the entire tournament.

“We didn’t make it last world cup, so we haven’t made it. The last time was eight years ago that we got to watch, so four years we didn’t get to watch, for the USA. We had to watch for other countries but not for the USA. So I just think it’s really good for them to play amazing and the support that.” says Salazar

The USA Men’s Soccer team is set to play against Netherlands this Saturday at 9 a.m. You can watch the game here on FOX 44.