KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — Central Texas College Board of Trustees candidate Dr. Cameron Cochran, says he was in shock to find out that his political signs were removed from the City of Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

On Wednesday, March 1st, Cochran says he placed three political campaign signs next to the sidewalk, a public easement in front of the Center.

He then followed up on his signs Friday morning after the severe storms Killeen saw on Thursday.

To his surprise, they were gone.

“I went into the management offices and I asked if anybody had seen the signs and the director came out and he says, “yeah, I took your signs.” And I was kind of taken back. And I said, “well, what did you do with my signs?” He says, “Well, they’re illegal signs. You don’t have a permit. So I threw them in the dumpster,”” recalled Cochran.

According to Cochran, the City of Killeen has a policy that allows employees in the permit office to remove illegal or rogue signs and return them to their office for a period of 30 days.

Allowing time to contact the owner of the signs to return to them.

Instead, Dr. Cochran says he found his political signs in the dumpsters. Arguing that his signs are permitted and not illegal.

We asked for a response from the City of Killeen and received a statement which says:

A member of the City of Killeen’s management staff followed the City of Killeen’s Code of Ordinances, specifically “Signs and Outdoor Displays,” Chapter 31, Section 31-503 (10), which outlines in detail what is allowed without a permit with specific measures and size conditions.

Additionally, Section 31-505 – “Prohibited Signs,” goes on to state that, “It shall be unlawful to erect, maintain, or allow to remain… “(2) Signs located on public right-of-way or within the visibility triangle at all intersections…and such curb lines at points 35 feet back from their intersection…”That section also states that, “Signs shall be a minimum of ten (10) feet from the edge of the street or curb…” and “shall not be within twenty (20) feet of the intersection of a street curb and the edge of a driveway.”

Three signs at the location were found to be in violation of the ordinance and removed once discovered.

The City Attorney, Code Enforcement Director, and an Executive Director confirmed that the signs were not permitted on public property and thoroughly explained this to the requestor. The City answered all questions asked of them and we hope citizens continue to refer to the Code of Ordinances at any time on our website.”

Cochran has filed a grievance complaint and says he has come up with some recommendations to resolve matters with the City of Killeen.

“The first one is for the director to personally apologize to me. The second thing is to create an educational program. So that way, all city employees know that it’s a misdemeanor to touch a campaign sign. The last thing I would like to have is reimbursement for the three signs that were put in the dumpster.”

Dr. Cochran is set to speak with the City of Killeen Council Members on Tuesday, March 21st.