MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) — The freezing cold and icy weather conditions continue in here Central Texas.

TxDot crews and local law enforcement have had their hands full trying to keep the roads safe in these hazardous conditions.

Since Sunday night into Monday morning, TxDot crews have been in 24 -hour operations, treating the roads to ensure they are as passable as possible for as long as the severe weather conditions continue.

TxDot Public Information Officer Jake Smith shares why taking precautions with these temperatures is important.

“It’s really important to stay home if you can. I understand that’s not a possibility for some. And so for those who have to be on the roadway, take your time. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Take your time and extra caution when approaching bridges and overpasses. Those are the real trouble spots,” shared Smith.

Crews have been patrolling dangerous areas, de-icing roads, and applying brine solution both day and night to protect the public. Even though TxDot staff is working hard to keep roads safe, they are still encouraging everyone to stay home.

Local law enforcement and fire departments have also been battling crashes due to the inclement weather. Seeing things like several cars spinning out over the past few days and roughly 11 accidents reported yesterday off of Highway 84 and Bosque Boulevard alone.

Chief Assistant Officer Khalil El-Halabi with the Woodway Police Department shares some good news about today’s current conditions on the road.

“We haven’t really had many accidents today, which is good. I think we only had one so far. Yesterday it was much busier. So we’re blessed in that arena. Civilians and citizens have really gotten much better at staying home and understanding the seriousness of icy roads.”

City crews are on standby to treat residential roads and are keeping in touch with the community through social media outlets.

Law enforcement and TxDot officials are encouraging everyone to stay home and be safe.