MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) — Now that the holiday season has come to a close, experts at the McLennan County Health District are seeing a downward trend in Covid cases this month.

The County is seeing a slew of Coivd related hospitalizations but for now, they are currently manageable within the hospitals.

In regard to the subvariant spreading rapidly around the nation, Senior Epidemiologist with the McLennan County Health District Vaidehi Shah, says their is a strong presence of the virus here in Central Texas.

“What we do know is that it is the most transmissible, something sub-variant of omicron. We’re still getting data on severity and hospitalizations. For now, we just know that it is highly transmissible,” shares Dr. Shah.

Roughly 18% — 33% of Texas has seen a spread of the Covid-19 subvariant XBB. 1.5. A mixture of two of the omicron variants that holds the same consistency and symptoms as the original Covid -19 outbreak but is more contagious.

Dr. Marc Elieson with Baylor Scott & White Waco has comforting news for those who are worried.

“There’s nothing that’s unique about this that makes it more dangerous than other sub variants, so it doesn’t have any unique mutations that make it more deadly. It is just more transmissible,” shares Dr. Elieson.

With recent outbreaks of illnesses that attack the respiratory system, now is the time more than ever to stay vigilant and on top of your health.

“Health care systems are being stressed because of RSV and Influenza and Covid-19. And then as this one is more transmissible and presumably more people will get it. People will get sick and they will miss work and they’ll miss income and miss important events.”

Health experts recommend that people utilize the best defense we have in place now.

Getting vaccinated, having those Bivalent Booster Shots, and practicing good hygiene skills like washing your hands, using sanitizers, or masking up when under the weather.