MCLENNAN CO., Texas (FOX 44) — There are 42 days left until election day for the midterms and this Friday, gubernatorial candidates Beto O’Rourke and Governor Greg Abbott will meet for a debate you can watch on FOX 44 News.

Both McLennan County political parties are getting anxious as election day nears but are excited for the debate.

“We have seen more people who have not previously been involved in politics come come out and contact us and get organized,” McLennan County Democratic Chair Mark Hays said.

He believes more people are showing up because they have been affected by the recent changes in state policies.

With just over one month until the midterm elections, both parties are working on getting people registered and hope to see their candidate victorious on November 8.

“Our internal polling showing about 6 percent lead for Abbott,” McLennan County Republican Chair Bradford Holland said. “I think that will widen.”

“I don’t think the socialism that that Beto is selling is going to sell well here in Central Texas,” Holland continued. “You know, his California values don’t match our Texas values. And so I think Governor Abbott is going to have a very good election day. We expect it to widen even beyond that.”

Holland hopes with Friday’s debate, the candidates will discuss the crisis at the border and the issue with immigration.

Hays believes O’Rourke and Abbott will not only touch on that but also on the energy grid, abortion rights, and the second amendment.

His hope is they take time to discuss voting rights.

“Democrats want to make it easier to vote,” Hays told FOX 44 News. “Republicans have tried to make it harder. You know, the Republican party has placed repealing the 1965 Voting Act on their platform. So that pretty much tells you where they are on this. I want to Governor Abbott to tell us whether or not he supports that plank on their platform.”

Both parties will be out to help voters register by October 11 so they can begin casting ballots as early as October 24.

Beto O’Rourke will be in Waco on Wednesday to continue his campaign trail at Freight Icehouse and Yardbar to speak to Baylor students.