WACO, Texas (FOX/KWKWT) — After the devastating fire that took Cafe Homestead in 2022, FOX 44 News has been following the progress of the new rebuild and what plans are in store for the community.

Nearly 4 months later, the Homestead Cafe rebuild is just months away from completion.

General manager Andrew Taylor shared some of the big changes he’s seen in a short amount of time.

“This new building is moving along at lightning speed. What you’re seeing behind me is less than two months worth of work,” said Taylor.

He continues, “The restaurant, as you can tell, is a little bit bigger than the old one, and that is by design, in order to provide a lot more seating, we can seat practically double the amount that we could from the old Cafe.”

The restaurant will showcase classic Cafe Homestead features such as a porch and wooden structures, that give off that cozy Homestead feel.

The restaurant is anticipated to be completed by June 5th, with plans of a grand opening event in the short days following.

In the mean time, you can visit the cafe’s temporary location.

Fully-staffed and prepared for the new Cafe venue, those currently working at the temporary restaurant site, are eager to serve guests and visitors at the new build.

Cafe employee’s have played a large part in the construction process as well.

“We had really outgrown our old restaurant. The crowds were getting a lot bigger then it was really designed for. So to have it redesigned for the work flow that we need to serve, the kind of crowds we’ve been getting, it’s going to be really great,” said Cafe Homestead Staff Member Joel Lancaster.

You can find more information on dine-in hours for the temporary Cafe by visiting here.