SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) — With high school football playoffs on the horizon, it feels like a good time to go over something that schools take great pride in — mascots. Here are four schools in the great state of Texas that might have the most unique mascots people have ever seen.

New Braunfels Unicorns

New Braunfels High School Unicorns

This list will have a majestic start just 48 miles from Austin in the city of New Braunfels where the high school mascot is the Unicorn.

Introduced in 1928, the horned steed was taken from the coat of arms of Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, who founded the town in the 1840s when it was a German colony. Later in the school’s history, it was discovered that the seal was misinterpreted and instead depicted a lion. After this, the district stuck with the Unicorn name throughout the years and it still holds today.

Hutto Hippos

As of the writing of this article, Hutto ISD and Hutto High School are the only district in the United States that dawn the African mammal as a mascot.

Hutto High School Hippos

According to the City of Hutto’s website, local legend says that in 1915, a circus train stopped at the local train station for mail, water, and fuel for the locomotive and its passengers. During the stop, a hippopotamus escaped from a railcar and made its way to nearby Cottonwood Creek. After several unsuccessful attempts by circus workers to get it out, the depot agency telegraphed nearby communities with the message “Stop trains, hippo loose in Hutto”.

The beast has been the school’s mascot since as early as 1923.

Amarillo Golden Sandies

For anyone asking what in the world a Sandie is; it is short for sandstorm. This is a pretty good play on the city as it is mostly on flat land and known for its windy weather and frequent dust storms.

Amarillo High School Golden Sandies

The school got its name a little over 100 years ago. In 1922, the newest AHS athletic director, A.S. Douglas, coined it when his baseball team was practicing in the windblown sand at the city park at Jefferson and 3rd Street.

According to the story, Douglas proclaimed that they would no longer be known as “The Savages” but rather, “The Sandstorm” and before practice ended, the team settled on the “The Golden Sandstorm”. The name stuck during the 1922 football season and the media referred to the team as “The Sandies”.

Winters Blizzards

Winters High School Blizzards

According to their website, the city of Winters is named after a man named John N. Winters, a local rancher and a land agent who donated land for the community’s first school.

Thanks to that, the high school was able to have a clever play on words that can also be seen as ironic because blizzards are uncommon in west Texas.

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