BELTON, Texas (Fox 44) – Belton Police have been investigating the murder of John Hill since 2014. On Wednesday, they announced the end of what they called a “frustrating investigation.”

An eight-year investigation has finally come to a close after the suspect’s family came forward with new information after the suspect died earlier this year.

In December 2014, police found Hill dead in his apartment. The autopsy revealed it to be a homicide caused by blunt trauma to the head.

“We know none of this does anything to bring back your loved one, nor does it ease your pain and suffering,” said Belton Chief of Police Gene Ellis. “But it formally lets you know who is responsible for taking your loved one from you.”

For the last eight years, Jeremy Seiter has been the prime suspect – but never charged because there wasn’t enough evidence.

“We were always there. Just not enough to keep going across the finish line,” Ellis said.

This all changed when family members came forward this year to provide evidence that confirmed what police already had.

“Jeremy has confessed to several friends and family members. I think we interviewed about seven different people prior to his death [saying] that he had murdered John Hill,” Ellis said.

But it was too late for justice. Seiter died in May 2022 at a Belton motel. His autopsy found he died from a drug-induced heart failure.

“We wish we would have got to the point where we could get charges, and actually arrested the person responsible and put them in the penitentiary where they belong,” Ellis said. “But that did not happen in a manner which we hope for, so justice will be served in other ways.”

Police believe the motive was a disagreement over prescription pills. They uncovered evidence of Hill at a pharmacy picking up prescription medication, then making or receiving three phone calls – all of which involved Seiter. Police also found cell phone data indicating Seiter was within 100 feet of Hill’s home.

In March of 2015 and October of 2019, Seiter was arrested on other charges. He admitted he bought pills from Hill the day he died, but denied having anything to do with his death.

The victim’s family attended the press conference on Wednesday, but they did not want to speak to media.