BELTON, TX (FOX 44) – Bell County community members had many questions today for the Brazos River Authority’s public meeting at the county expo center.

It’s for the Belhouse Drought Preparedness Project building a pipe from Lake Belton to Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

Many attendants we spoke with say they’re still feeling the impact from the summer drought and water restrictions.

A big concern they had coming to today’s meeting regarding the project was water going to cities not close by like Georgetown.

“What I’ve heard from others is that there’s infrastructure between Georgetown to Stillhouse, and now you’ll have pipelines from Stillhouse to Lake Belton. This infrastructure to create and utilization of water that’s not been planned or originally intended,” said Byron Baird, Belton community member.

Baird has lived in Central Texas a majority of his life.

Unsure of how the Belhouse Drought Preparedness Project will work, he came to ask questions.

“It seems to me that we’re taking water away from people that are already not getting the water that they fully expect to be receiving,” said Baird.

Prepared for misconception, Brazos River Authority regional manager Brad Brunett says this event was needed to clear the air citing multiple nearby cities beyond Georgetown to benefit from this project.

“Bell County WCID number one who supplies Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, 439 water supply corporation, Central Texas water supply corporation has two intakes at Stillhouse Hollow and they provide water to about probably 10 to 15 different communities,” said Brunett.

Brunett adds that the project will only be active when Stillhouse Hollow Lake has low water levels in times of drought.

“It’s pretty dry. It’s not just Texas. It’s all over. Colorado’s having a tough time, too, so this kind of scares me,” said Sherril Gardipee, Belton community member.

Gardipee living near Stillhouse Hollow, came with her friend who lives close by, Brenda Howard, to learn about this project.

Howard came with a different set of concerns.

“It’s top ten of cleanest lakes. Lake Belton is not top ten of cleanest lakes,” said Howard. “If you bring that water in, what does that do to the water source and the water quality that’s currently at Stillhouse Hollow Lake?”

For anyone unable to make to today’s meeting the Brazos River Authority is accepting online comments with questions or concerns until October 5.

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