TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – As we’re continuing to see COVID cases go up, General Pediatrician Jamie Avila is concerned about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

“For some reason this year we’ve seen it spike early. We really started to see more cases in July, and that has continued to trend upwards,” says General Pediatrician Jamie Avila with Baylor Scott and White.

Infants, younger children, and seniors are at a higher risk getting RSV. Avila says RSV is early this year with young children and infants already landing in the hospital. It is Baylor Scott and White’s #1 transmissible virus over COVID right now, and is expected to increase with children going to school and possibly bringing home the virus to younger family members at home.

“And for them, it can be much more significant because it tends to cause something that we call bronchiolitis, which is inflammation of their very tiny airways, and can also cause a virus type of pneumonia,” says Avila.

Baylor Scott and White has already seen cases where patients have been admitted into the hospital due to severe symptoms of RSV. Their concerns as we get closer to the fall and winter seasons, will they have enough staff in the hospital.

“It’s very aware that we can have, you know, a higher demand for sick visits in our clinics as opposed to a time when normally this time of year, we’re getting ready for, well, check sports physicals, those sort of things,” says Avila.

But why are we seeing RSV so early in the year?

“We’ve even seen a shift in other viruses that are normally ground like flu. This past year, really extended late into this year,” says Avila.

McLennan County Public Health District says this year we haven’t seen an uptick of flu cases in the past weeks, but we should still be vigilant.

“I’m concerned about a twin pandemic of flu and COVID since the past two years. Thankfully, we haven’t seen that in the past two years,” says Waco McLennan County Public Health District Senior Epidemiologist, Vaidehi Shah.