Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Former U.S. President Donald Trump made claims he would be arrested Tuesday, and now a Manhattan grand jury could decide whether to indict him as early as Wednesday.

It would be the first-ever criminal case against any U.S. president.

We spoke with Baylor University political science expert Pat Flavin Ph.D. and he says the jury will most likely indict Trump for fraudulent records.

If this does come to pass, Flavin says it’ll be a double-edged sword in Trump’s campaign.

“I think this will certainly galvanize or empower or inflame Donald Trump’s most intense supporters that feel like he’s being treated unfairly,” said Flavin.

The negative if indicted is Trump competing for the republican nomination.

“I don’t see people being drawn over to support him over some other Republican candidates simply because of him being indicted. If anything, it’s the opposite that they’d {republicans} be less likely to support him,” said Flavin.

Flavin says Trump’s indictment comes after leaving the White House since the president can’t be criminally charged by state prosecutors while in service.

“If he was to be elected again to the presidency and was also convicted, we’d be a situation we’ve not had happen in American history,” said Flavin.

Even if Trump is indicted and convicted of fraudulent records, Flavin says Trump’s name can still be on the presidential ballot.

“You could still run for president if you’ve been convicted. There is very minimal qualifications in the Constitution for someone to be president,” said Flavin.

Trump was impeached twice in his presidency, but was not convicted giving him the ability to run again.

If Trump is elected in 2024 and convicted, Flavin says his position would only be in jeopardy if impeached again and convicted.

Flavin predicts if Trump is indicted, Trump will most likely stretch out the legal process to focus on his campaign and gathering votes.