WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Today, hundreds gathered at Indian Spring Park for the “Banner For Change” March and Observance for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Making its return after a two year hiatus due to Covid, members of the Waco Chapters of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated and Zeta Phi Beta Incorporated orchestrated the 25th annual MLK March in downtown Waco.

Many black influential groups and organizations in the community sported their colors and regalia in support of today’s event of change and making Dr. Kings dream, a reality.

Not only was this event a ceremony of recognition to the late Dr. King but it was also an opportunity to inspire and educate the youth to carry the legacy of social justice and civil rights advocacy.

NAACP President Dr. Peaches Henry wants to instill a message to those who will continue the fight.

“We are in a long term battle for our rights. We know that people are working very diligently to take away rights that we have won. And so we have to get young people into the fight, to fight for us so that we will have people who are standing up for our rights. As we move into the future,” shares Dr. Henry.

The work of serving and sacrificing leaders, like Dr. King experienced, continues now for the youth in the fight for social justice, love, and peace within communities.

“You know, there’s a lot of folks that have been do for a long time and they’re they’re tired, like they said, it’s a grind. And so to have just such a young and vibrant community to take up that mantle, to continue on the work, to keep on pressing. It’s it’s inspiring,” says Event Organizer and Waco Chapter Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. President Steven Hudson.

Today is a reminder of the history and legacies that black people have been battling for several years.

Many leaders at today’s march highlighted the importance and power of knowing black history and how to move forward using that knowledge as a strength.

“We know that if people who came before us could fight this fight, we can too,” says NAACP President Dr. Peaches Henry.

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