Waco, TX (FOX 44) — While most of us are safe and away from the freezing temperatures, emergency rooms remain busy helping those who have had weather-related accidents.

EMS services have received multiple calls from people slipping on ice and crashing their cars.

We spoke with Ascension Providence Wednesday afternoon during a slow period of patients coming in.

They said the workload can change by the minute.

“We’re actually picking up this evening a little bit, and lines are coming back up closer to normal,” said Dr. Jonathan Walker, Ascension Providence emergency department medical director.

Walker says the reasons for emergency room visits are across the board.

“What’s coming in is actually the sicker patients,” said Walker. “We’re still seeing an awful lot of heart attacks, strokes, severe intestinal issues, some respiratory illness, but for the most part, it’s sicker patients that are coming in right now.”

In weather-related incidents, including some patients falling indoors, Walker says they’ve had to treat contusions, strains, and diagnose hip fractures.

Despite staff showing up to work in the sleet and freezing rain, Walker says the workload will only increase.

“Folks don’t seek care when they sometimes need to, because of that, we usually have a fairly significant rebound in patients coming in once the weather starts clearing up,” said Walker.

A majority of the patients treated during the freeze have been discharged the same day.

One thing Walker wants to remind those coming to the emergency room during extreme weather is to be patient.

“It’s not like the TV medical shows, and things sometimes take some time, but we do get everybody back as fast as we can,” said Walker.