RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Governor Greg Abbott made his first appearance in the Rio Grande Valley and the border since Title 42 was lifted Friday afternoon.

He visited the area where agents process migrants who come into the country illegally.

Abbott calls the site ground zero in the United States for immigration.   

“The eyes of America, were on Texas.” Abbott said. 

Upon Abbott’s arrival, he immediately spoke on Title 42 being lifted and the manpower that has been required to maintain order along the US-Mexico border.    

“And that’s because of the Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, building the barriers that were needed to prevent people from entering and didn’t having the personnel behind those barriers,” Abbott said. 

He said Florida is sending 300 of its own national guard to the border, which would total over 5,000 boots on the ground guarding the border wall.  

“As far as I know, it’s the first time in American history that a state has led the effort to prevent people from entering the United States illegally. Let’s be clear. That’s the job of the responsibility of Joe Biden and the federal government.” Abbott mentioned. 

Abbott also talked about the transportation of migrants to sanctuary states, claiming it is an effort to relieve congestion for Texas cities housing migrants.   

“We are busing people who the Biden administration as allowed into those communities to sanctuary cities across the United States. And in in addition to this Constantina wire, border wall that you see,” Abbott said.   

Abbott wants a law that would make it a felony in Texas to enter the state illegally.

It is a federal law that is already in place. 

“So, in addition to what we currently have in place, we would also be able to begin arresting people that are crossing into our state illegally and put them behind bars for a very long time.” Abbott said. 

Abbott says because of the influx of migrants, every state in the country is a border state.