Texas N.A.A.C.P creates the “Change the World-Texas Restorative Criminal Justice Plan” in the aftermath of George Floyd


The San Angelo N.A.A.C.P unit plans on addressing meaningful conversations across the city within the next couple of weeks

SAN ANGELO, TX – In America we face two crises: the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism in policing and the legal system. Both pose an existential danger to African Americans. In response, the Texas N.A.A.C.P created the “Change The World-Texas Restorative Criminal Justice Plan.”

“There are many parts of this plan and this comes at the wake of everything that we’ve seen lately,” San Angelo N.A.A.C.P unit president Sherley Spears said. “Starting off with the George Floyd incident and murder that we all saw from the video back in May. So there are a lot of things that we want to work on across the state.”

The San Angelo N.A.A.C.P unit plans to have a meaningful discussion across the city about some changes. This includes the district attorney and the police department.

“We’re going to be focusing on what we do here in San Angelo in terms of police recruitment and training of our law enforcement officers,” Spears said. “We want to be a part of that discussion and getting that data and analyzing what it is that we do here.”

The unit wants to ensure that law enforcement is fair and balanced. Categories such as education is one component of that.

“We want to look at basically just taking this whole idea of criminal justice, from the moment that it happens to the grand jury process,” Spears said. “The courts, the case, we want to look at all of that.”

All of this information will be sent to many, if not all officials in the criminal justice system. According to plan, time is of the essence.

“We will be sending out what we call the executive summary to many of our leaders in the city,” Spears said. “Starting with the police department all the way through county and state politicians and we will be sharing this information in the faith community.”

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