Texas House Democrats correct House GOP Members’ misrepresentation of Special Session Quorum cautioning: “A quorum is not perpetual”


AUSTIN, Texas — Texas House Democrats released a statement on the Texas House of Representatives reaching a quorum last week.

The full statement is below.

Last Thursday, Texas voters witnessed a gleeful GOP celebrate and misrepresent the existence of a constitutional quorum on the House Floor. This staged quorum production was not only premeditated, but also premature. We remind our colleagues that there is no such thing as a “perpetual quorum.” Specifically, there must always be a minimum of 100 Members present on the House Floor to establish the quorum necessary to vote on every single piece of legislation. There is no indication or commitment from any Texas House Democrat that this will occur. We have not seen the final versions of any of the divisive bills on the special session call and Republican leadership has not expressed any willingness to negotiate with House Democrats. 

Texas State Representatives Alma Allen, Michelle Beckley, Diego Bernal, Jasmine Crockett, Elizabeth “Liz” Campos, Nicole Collier, Sheryl Cole, Joe Deshotel, Trey Martinez Fischer, Jessica Gonzalez, Vikki Goodwin, Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Gina Hinojosa, Celia Israel, Jarvis Johnson, Ray Lopez, Terry Meza, Armando Martinez, Ina Minjarez, Sergio Munoz Jr., Christina Morales, Penny Morales Shaw, Claudia Ordaz Perez, Mary Ann Perez, Ana-Maria Ramos, Richard Raymond, Ron Reynolds, Eddie Rodriguez, Ramon Romero Jr., Carl Sherman Sr., Shawn Thierry, and Hubert Vo issued the following joint statement: 

“Some of our Democratic colleagues may be returning to the House floor intermittently to object and preserve a record on the voter intimidation and suppression bill, as well as other pieces of legislation which are harmful to vulnerable Texas families. However, we and our allies and advocates recognize that any Member, at any time, has the right to break quorum should they deem it necessary. 

“Our Congressional leaders have requested that Texas House Democrats be present in Washington, D.C. this week for the passage of the historic John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021 (H.R. 4). We appreciate and accept this invitation as we continue our fight against extreme legislation seeking to restrict, disenfranchise, and criminalize millions of voters in our Black, Brown, disabled and elderly communities. The GOP is attempting to force this voter suppression bill through the Texas Legislature in furtherance of Governor Abbott’s hyper-partisan political agenda. Texas House Democrats remain steadfast and confident in our principled battle to protect equal and fair access to the ballot box for all Texans.” 

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