Texas Campus Carry To Take Effect On 50th Anniversary Of Tower Massacre


Forrest Preece re-plays one moment in his head over and over, where he stood and why he paused and what happened to the man right next to him nearly 50 years go.

A high powered rifle bullet came right passed my right ear and hit him.

He stopped for lunch in between summer school classes on a day just like this one.

Now the university of Texas at Austin, along with the rest of the public colleges in the state, prepare for a new normal.

he new campus carry law will allow anyone with a license to carry a handgun nearly anywhere on campus, including classrooms.

Forrest Preece is a 1966 shooting survivor

Students who support the law say camp

US carry could stop a gunman to prevent another school shooting or at least reduce the number of fatalities.

The man shot next to Preece died on the sidewalk.

On the clock tower’s observation deck, the gunman continued to shoot for more than an hour.

Five decades later, that day is the nation’s second deadliest school shooting in history.

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