Texas Business Women’s Conference creates avenue to connect women in San Angelo


San Angelo, Texas — Over 60 women, from across the state of Texas, attended The Annual Texas Business Women’s Conference in San Angelo. The conference featured three keynote speakers and the conference is centered around empowering women and having those who came out walk away with new knowledge.

“This allows women to see other women who are doing what they want to do and really step into that place, find their authenticity, level up and walk away from this feeling like they’re not in this alone,” Karen Gray with Texas Business Women said.

The Texas Business Women’s Conference brings women together to bond gain support from other businesswomen and learn from industry leaders.

“One of the things that everyone will come away from this with is knowing that their value, and their worth,” Gray said.

This year’s theme was ‘Timeless Traditions.’ Timeless traditions of women supporting other women. One of the three keynote speakers, Pamela Jackson, focused on unconscious bias and how that plays a part in relationships and business

“Making conscious decisions to reframe our thinking. Taking courage to stand up and make right decisions when necessary,” Pamela Jackson, a keynote speaker for the conference said.

Other speakers included Elizabeth McCormick who was once a black hawk pilot. She related flying back to life for the women, saying fly really means to first lead yourself,” Elizabeth McCormick a keynote speaker said.

“Because when you lead yourself, others will follow. They’ll want to be a part of what you do, whether it’s in life, or in business. So, when you lead yourself it is so exceptional, that you will soar,

Guests were able to not only take away inspirational advice, but also network with business owners and leaders, like Maria Elena Duron with Google.

“Flipping our focus and how to really build relationships to stepping into the unknown and marketing yourself in a new world, “Gray said.

Avenues like this conference help build a support system for women.

“Women do so much better when they have a support system. Women do better when they have a sense of community, where they feel supported, and this organization brings that,” McCormick said.

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