3 teens who escaped Arkansas facility apprehended in Texas

Texarkana News

TEXARKANA, Texas (AP) — Three teenagers have been taken into custody in Texas following an escape from a juvenile treatment center in Arkansas. The teens were caught after fleeing from police and crashing a stolen car into a creek bed.

Early Friday, the boys were apprehended by police in Texarkana when they were seen slowly driving through an apartment complex with their headlights off.

Authorities say the car sped off when officers approached. It jumped a curb before crashing into the creek bed.

The three teens are charged in Texas with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and the driver also is charged with evading arrest.

It is not clear what other charges they may be facing in Arkansas after they escaped from the Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center either late Wednesday or early Thursday.

The car was reported stolen from the Mansfield area.

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