SAN ANGELO, Texas — A touching letter written by a former student brought tears to Lynn Binder’s eyes. Mrs. Binder’s nomination to be this week’s Teacher of the Week brought sincere emotions to the English Department meeting at TLCA on Thursday morning, September 22, 2022.

“We don’t always have students telling us, ‘You have impacted me. You have changed my life and motivated me to be a bigger, better person in this world,” said Binder.

Influenced by her fifth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Binder is in her 16th year as an educator — currently teaching Senior English 4 at San Angelo’s Texas Leadership Charter Academy.

“So I talk about this in my class when we’re talking about college and career readiness,” said Binder. “It’s important that you choose a job that you don’t mind going to every day.”

Mrs. Binder has influenced students all across the Concho Valley. Her teaching journey started at Veribest, she taught in Ballinger for eight years and is now in her sixth year at TLCA.

“My days go by so fast in the teaching world. I’m already in the 16th year and I feel like I just started teaching yesterday,” said Binder. “And the reason that is is because every day that I show up — it’s different. Every day is a new day.”

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