AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 44) – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has announced a temporary delay in the release of 2023 A-F accountability ratings for districts and campuses.

The TEA originally scheduled the rating to be released on September 28. The Agency says the A-F system is a tool that evaluates how well districts and campuses help students reach certain learning goals.

A-F ratings must balance several objectives to ensure a transparent and fair system based on:    

  • the better of:
    • a) Achievement – how well all students have learned certain academic content – and 
    • b) Progress – how much all students have gained academically over the course of the year 
  • along with (c) Closing the Gaps – how well schools raise academic performance among certain groups of students.   

The Agency says that the postponement of ratings for one month will allow for a further re-examination of the baseline data used in the calculation of Progress in order to ensure ratings reflect the most appropriate goals for students. The final ratings methodology will be posted once this analysis of the growth data is complete.  A-F ratings will be issued for parents, educators, and the public two weeks later to use to help Texas schools continue to improve.   

Texas law requires for A-F ratings to be issued each school year. A study on the Texas accountability system shows that publicly reported school performance systems help students – especially those who are at high risk of dropping out of school and/or are economically disadvantaged.