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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A recent collection of data suggested older adults were moving out of northeastern cities and into other parts of the country, including Texas, which ranked No. 10.

SmartAsset said it examined U.S. Census Bureau migration data to find where people 60 and older were moving to and from.

“These cities may be attractive for a multitude of reasons, including community, taxes, recreation, climate and more,” SmartAsset said.

Texas has proven to be tax-friendly toward retirees.

SmartAsset said since there was no state income tax in Texas, Social Security income and withdrawals from retirement accounts would not be taxed by the state.

According to the study, Texas had a net gain of 5,542 retirees in 2021. Data showed a high number of people 60 and older were moving to San Antonio and Frisco from another state.

City ranking was determined by the net difference between the number of retirees that moved into the city versus those moving out of the city, according to SmartAsset.

As one of the 10 largest cities in the U.S., SmartAsset said San Antonio was the only one to crack the study’s top 10.

“The home of the Alamo had the third-highest net migration of retirees across our study, gaining 1,164 older residents. The weather, abundance of activities and lack of state income taxes in Texas all contribute to its popularity among retirees,” SmartAsset said.

The data from the study showed that Frisco recorded a net gain of 960 people 60 and older in 2021.

“More than 1,430 seniors moved to Frisco from another state while 476 left the state of Texas,” SmartAsset said.

According to the study, people 60 and older comprised 13.16% of Frisco’s population, which was the lowest percentage of the 10 cities at the top of SmartAsset’s rankings.

Other Texas cities included:

  • Lubbock, Texas at No. 17 with a net gain of 707
  • Waco, Texas at No. 23 with a net gain of 510
  • El Paso, Texas at No. 24 with a net gain of 483

States where retirees moved to most:

  1. Florida with a net gain of 78,174
  2. Arizona with a net gain of 25,090
  3. South Carolina with a net gain of 19,004
  4. North Carolina with a net gain of 18,996
  5. Tennessee with a net gain of 14,767
  6. Idaho with a net gain of 8,566
  7. Nevada with a net gain of 6,814
  8. Arkansas with a net gain of 5,774
  9. Maine with a net gain of 5,718
  10. Texas with a net gain of 5,542

SmartAsset said the data did not reflect migration within the same state. It only reflects the movement from a city in one state to a city in another state.