KDAF (DALLAS) — Gen Z is known for meeting many historical feats in America. From technology to politics and now —

According to Smartasset, a financial resources website, Gen-zers in Texas are taking over the workforce nationally. “Gen Z makes up more than a fifth of the workforce in the top five cities. These include Tucson, Arizona; Madison, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; Norfolk, Virginia and Lubbock, Texas,” the study mentions.

Everything’s bigger in Texas including our workforce in Lubbock. The city has the largest number of Gen-zers in the workforce. “The highest concentration of Gen Z workers can be found in Lubbock, Texas. 25.60% of the city’s workforce are Gen Z workers. By comparison, the lowest concentration is found in Fremont, California (6.36%),” the study reported.

Wow, 25.60 % is roughly 35,500 workers in Lubbock, TX! This makes sense when you take into account that they are a college town; with Texas Tech bringing most of the younger population.

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