SAN ANGELO, Texas – “City council had established priorities that we wanted to focus in on and of course is infrastructure, public safety, and economic development,” City Manager for the City of San Angelo Daniel Valenzuela said.

Valenzuela spoke on these issues at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Tuesday.

He said that one of the biggest concerns from the citizens involves streets.

“We do get people who get frustrated a lot of times and their concern is why things don’t start in a timely manner,” Valenzuela said.

Currently, crews are working on Bell Street.

“Bell Street is actually coming in ahead of schedule,” Valenzuela said.

The completion date was originally scheduled for December of 2021, but Valenzuela thinks that it will happen in the summer.

An upcoming project includes repairs on College Hills. Repairs on this street are scheduled to begin in 2021, but the repairs can’t just happen overnight.

“There are certain requirements that we have to make sure we comply by as we move forward in projects so as far as moving forward it’s a little slower but we do push it as fast as we possibly can,” Valenzuela said.

Addressing street issues also ties into economic development. The city and chamber want to show business owners who are thinking of setting up shop in San Angelo that we invest in ourselves…this includes having nice streets.

Another issue the City Manager addressed was public safety.

He showed that our fire fighters have gone on 9 deployments this year alone, one taking them all the way to California.

There has also been a recorded increase of ambulance transfers over the past several years, ranging from 400 to 600 each year.

When it comes to staffing, the fire department has added 13 new employees over the last three years.

The police department has added 15 new officers over the past four years, bringing the total to 173 sworn officers.

“I know across the country we do hear about defunding the police department, that’s not happening here whatsoever. The mayor, council members have made that very clear. We want to keep our community safe as it continues to grow, and we want to do everything we can to keep it safe,” Valenzuela said.

He also stated that there has been a steady decrease in crime over the last several years and that we are on track to see an 11 percent decrease this year alone.

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