Streets: 2021 HA5 street maintenance project begins Monday, May 24


SAN ANGELO, Texas —The 2021 HA5 street maintenance project will begin next week. Work will begin Monday, May 24, and last through Saturday, June 5. Affected streets will close at 8 a.m. prior to work being done and remain closed for 24 hours following the HA5 application. Flyers have been given to homes in the area notifying them of the upcoming work. The contractor for this project is Andale Construction. 

Streets to be treated on Monday, May 24: 

·         Southland area  

·         Ridgecrest to Walnut Hill  

·         Canyon Rim to Stone Canyon  

·         Canyon Rim to Southland Blvd.  

·         Shefflera to Royal Oak  

·         Grandview, Clearview, Scenic Vista, Champion’s Circle  

·         A portion of Bentwood  

·         Palms area 

Some key points: 

·         Once HA5 is applied, it cannot be driven on for 24 hours.  

·         Roads close at 8 a.m. so residents have time to leave or repark their vehicles before the application begins. 

·         Andale will have a shuttle service to carry residences from their vehicle to their home if necessary.  

·         Residents cannot access the street for only the 24 hours that HA5 is applied in front of their home – not for the full 18 days stated on the flyer. 

  • Citizens can be notified via text messaging with up-to-date information by opting in to the HA5’s text communications. Text ASPHALT to 77222
  • Days of specific applications may change due to weather or other factors. Visit for maps and any updates on the project. Citizens can also go directly to
  • It’s important for citizens to cut off sprinkler systems on their respective days. HA5 cannot be applied to roadways that are wet from sprinkler over spray or runoff.

If a vehicle is parked on the street during the application time, Home Motors will tow it out of the construction zone and then place it back in the original location after the HA5 cures. The City will pay for all tows. 

HA5 is a surface treatment that limits oxidative damage on asphalt from moisture and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Although inconvenient, the benefits HA5 provides are considerable. Streets treated with HA5 versus sealcoat are cleaner, quieter, smoother and maintain their aesthetic black color for up to 8 years on average. 

It serves two primary functions when applied to a roadway: 

·         It seals the roadway to prevent moisture from penetrating into the street’s base. 

·         The product acts like a sunscreen and protects the street from oxidation from the sun’s UV radiation. 

This treatment is ideal for roads with minimal wear and cracking. Utilizing this method is part of an effort to change the City’s focus from a reactive/repair-focused operation to a proactive/preservation operation.  

Press release courtesy of Brian Groves Public Information Officer.

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