HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Streaming and food delivery companies commented on their social media following the Netflix password sharing ban.

UNO and Postmates took to Twitter and replied on the popular Netflix tweet “Love is sharing a password” from 2017.

Postmates comment eye emojis followed by one of its TikTok videos with the caption “When they dumped you right before Valentine’s Day but you still have their Postmates password.”

UNO, however had a fan favorite comment, a UNO reverse card gif photo. The reverse card sparked many comments amongst viewers with just a single photo.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video UK retweeted the 2017 post with a photo of a user account page asking the question “Who’s Watching?”, followed by account user bubbles, creating the sentence “Everyone Who Has Our Password.”

The comments did not stop there.

Well-known 80’s to early 2000’s VHS renting company, BlockBuster tweeted on Thursday, “A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us. We didn’t care who you shared it with… As long as you returned it on time.”

(Source: Netflix press release)

The tweet was followed by a user tag to Netflix.

The Netflix password sharing ban has caused an uproar among users and sharing their thoughts throughout multiple social media platforms.

(Source: Netflix press release)

Netflix announced its password ban started on Tuesday, May 23 to users via email.

Additionally, the streaming company advised users if they wanted to share their password with an extra member who does not live with them they would pay an additional $7.99 a month aside from their monthly membership.