SAN ANGELO, Texas- Stray cats and dogs running loose without an owner is a growing problem in the Concho Valley. San Angelo native, Mallory Hooker shares how her cat was attacked and killed by strays in the neighborhood.

“The dog was right here and it was barking at Vinnie. Then the other dog is in the footage, you can see him standing by my neighbors tree. The minute he gets about right here on the other side of my porch, I assume that nature took over. They were in a pack, they got confident, and they immediately attack Vinnie,” said Mallory Hooker.

A containment law in San Angelo states pets must be contained in a yard or on a leash but if an animal is known to prey on others, extra precautions should be taken. Jenie Wilson, with Concho Valley Paws shares why strays in our area are a problem.

“One of the main reasons we do have an issue with strays in this community, is that we need to work on our culture a little bit. San Angelo was once a rural, ranching community, a farming community, and we have changed quite a bit in the last couple of decades. So the mindset kind of needs to change as well,” said Wilson. “I see people all the time, have fenced backyards but yet their animals are running in the front yard. It truly is not safe all it takes is a squirrel or a child on a bicycle to divert their attention and then you could have a potential issue on your hands.”

KLST did obtain video of the attack but the images were to disturbing to show, but the attack was not the first in the neighborhood.

“A woman had her garage cracked so her cat could come in and out. Dogs ripped up her garage to get in to it and killed the cat. Another lady, her daughter was inside of her garage and a dog tried to get in there and attack her daughter,” Mallory Hooker added.

Mallory says she does plan to speak with her local council woman for answers on how situations like this don’t continue to happen.