Sterling City ISD prepares students for life after K-12


SAN ANGELO, Texas- Sterling City ISD is preparing their students for life after K-12 with the help of the San Angelo Area Foundation to create the Sterling City scholarship fund.

The Texas Economic Development Act has per Chapter 313 an agreement with the wind industry to help allocate funds to students who want to pursue a higher education, attend a trade school or help with post graduate studies.

Each student is awarded $4,500 for every school year they attend and will receive the scholarship after graduating from high school. For a student who attends from 1st grade through graduation, that’s $54,000 in scholarship money, something Superintendent Bob Rauch says will help kids who go to rural schools.

“You know it can be very easy for a student to just kind of stay here and we love Sterling City. We want students to come back to Sterling City, but our goal is to get the kids out of here and let them go experience life and experience the world. If there’s a way for them to do that, we can help through this scholarship, that’s the ultimate goal,” says Rauch.

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