Popeyes customer pulls a gun after being told there were no more chicken sandwiches


Houston, TX – Popeyes’ sold-out chicken sandwiches are making some people go a little crazy.

A group of customers walked into a Popeyes Chicken restaurant Monday night and asked for some sandwiches according to Houston police. But the restaurant chain was all sold out — news the foursome did not want to hear.

Police said, the group — two men and two women — became angry, and that is when one man pulled out a gun.

The employees ran to the back of the restaurant and the group, who police estimated range in age from 17 to 20 years old, ran out of the restaurant. They jumped into an older SUV model with a woman in the driver seat.

But the group was not finished. They pulled through the drive-through lane and threw an empty can through the window.

The Houston Police Department said they are looking for any usable surveillance video in hopes of making an arrest.

Popeyes announced in early August that it would begin selling chicken sandwiches, sparking a nationwide craze.

They sold out in just two weeks.

The chicken franchise blamed “extraordinary demand” for the sandwiches after initially projecting its inventory would last until the end of September.

They promised the sandwiches will be back soon.

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