Walmart to reopen store where El Paso massacre took place with memorial for victims

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Walmart to reopen the store where the El Paso massacre took place with a memorial for victims. (CNN)

(CNN) – The El Paso Walmart, where 22 people were killed on the morning of August 3, is set to reopen in three to four months. The renovated property will have a memorial to the shooting victims, a company spokesman said Wednesday.

The memorial is in the early planning stages and the company is seeking input from the community on the design, Randy Hargrove, Walmart’s senior director for national media relations, said.

Walmart has been reaching out and talking with employees about how to handle the memorial.

“Our goal is to establish a memorial that honors the victims, recognizes the binational relationship between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, and celebrates the strength of the El Paso community,” Hargrove said.

Hargrove said Walmart will take the store “down to the shell and is basically rebuilding it.”

On Wednesday, the company told the mayor and city council about its plans, Hargrove said.

About 93% of the store’s employees are working at other locations for now.

“They have wanted to get back working in a store,” Hargrove said. “They want to go back to work there.”

That includes the store manager, Robert Evans, who told CNN earlier this month he will continue working at the store.

“Nothing will erase the pain of August 3 and we are hopeful that re-opening the store will be another testament to the strength and resiliency that has characterized the El Paso community in the wake of this tragedy,” Hargrove said.

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