Social Media Helps Small Business Succeed


    Social media is helping small businesses in the Concho Valley grow.
    From woodworking to baking cookies, small businesses start from an idea.
    “I looked on Pinterest one time and saw some totally cute ones and thought, I could totally do that,” says Kellie Corrao, co-owner of K’s Cookie Creations.
    “My wife wanted a table made and I just took to it. I enjoyed it,” says Stephen Kaminski, owner of Adroit By Kaminski.
    These small businesses use social media… To get their work seen by thousands.
    “Almost all of our sales are from social media,” says Corrao.
    “Social media has brought a lot more clients,” says Kaminski. 
    For Stephen Kaminski his woodwork business is his hobby.
    “I always like making what I want and just hope someone else love it just as much as I do,” says Kaminski. 
    He’s a full time truck driver. But evenings and weekends, you’ll find him transforming wood into tables, benches, and bowls.
    “I mix a lot of crazy colors in epoxy resins,”says Kaminski. 
    Recently, he started making jewerly with his wife.
    You can find pictures of his hardwork including the earrings on instagram. A move that has helped him get customers who wouldn’t normally be able to reach, like people from other cities. 
    Kellie Corrao and Kayla Lieber also use instagram to show their baking and decorating skills. Both military wives, started making cookies a little more than a year ago. 
    They started sharing photos online of the unicorns and flower cookies. Once they started using the hashtag san angelo, texas, orders started flooding in.
    “From using those hashtags, and people finding me, it brings them to my Facebook page,” says Corrao. 
    Facebook is where most of their new clients come from.
    “When people tag us in pictures of their kids holding up our cookies at their party or seeing it displayed at a bridal shower,” says Corrao. 

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