Snap a sneak peek at local Pop Art Museum


SAN ANGELO, Texas–After the huge success with Paintbrush Alley, the nonprofit organization, Art in Uncommon Places, began brainstorming its next endeavor. Joy Thomas and Julie Raymond gleamed with excitement as they entered the space again.

“This is just a project of fun and love and community,” said Thomas, as they admired the pieces that were already in-place, ” San Angelo is just blessed with the most incredible artist.”

Raymond then added, ” Everybody here that has put something is from San Angelo, Texas. We have a very thriving and alive and very accomplished group of artist that are providing this work.”

The duo has been together since 2010, working to provide areas for anyone to see incredibly made pieces of art. Seeking artists from the community, guidelines were sure to follow.

“The artist has three things we commissioned them to do. One, choose a pop artist that inspired them. Second, that they include something about San Angelo. Third was optional, but you’ll see it ― use unusual materials or something that was 3D,” said Raymond, “That’s been really fun to see that work come in and see what we are getting.”

The museum is free to the public and while the grand reveal is not until October 29, 2019; the public can still stop by the museum and admire what is already inside.

“Even with this space right here, I’ve seen replies saying, ‘I’ve already been there four times, just waiting for more stuff.” Thomas said with excitement. This is far from the end of this Pop Art Museum.

Pop Art Museum by Shelbie Hunt

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