Small town impact: Brady


San Angelo, TX — The people of Brady, like everywhere else, are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic the best way that they can.

“Obviously there’s a lot of panic about all of this,” says Erin Corbell, Community Development Outreach Manager for the City of Brady, “There’s so much information coming from so many different directions. You know we find a lot of people actually encouraging stronger restrictions than what the city has put in place. But people are handling it well.”

Just like most places across the state, businesses are feeling more pressure than usual.

“I’ve heard some restaurant sales cut in half, obviously because folks aren’t able to go in to sit down and dine-in,” says Corbell, “Those are the ones that are kind of in the forefront of everything, you know. All the other businesses are probably struggling, but a little more behind the scenes.”

Though Brady is a small community, not all of the problems there are grown at home.

“Being a rural community we’ve found people coming from Houston and Lubbock and other areas to come shop at Walmart,” says Corbell, “They’re finally, our Walmart, started today limiting the number of people in and out.”

One thing Brady shares with every other community in Texas — they’re taking this crisis one day at a time.

“You know, we’re just rolling with the punches over here. I think everyone is right now. Like I said, it hasn’t, you know we haven’t been affected like the communities that have had the positive so far and we’re preparing ourselves for when that day comes but fortunately it hasn’t gotten here just yet.”

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