“Sleep Out America”: raising awareness for homeless youth


In San Angelo, there are an estimated 200 young people who are homeless

SAN ANGELO, Texas — At the San Angelo Clubhouse Friday night, a “Sleep Out America” event will help raise awareness about the increasing number of people who don’t have a place to sleep.

“It’s a nation-wide problem but on a much smaller scale, it’s also a San Angelo problem,” said Ami Mizell-Flint, Director of the San Angelo Clubhouse.

In San Angelo, there are an estimated 200 young people who are homeless.

“Homeless doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sleeping out on the streets. They’re looking for a place to sleep every night. If they don’t have a bed to go sleep in every night and they have to sleep at a relative’s of a friend’s, they’re considered homeless as well,” explained Mizell-Flint.

To raise awareness about the issue of youth homelessness, the San Angelo Club House is participating in “Sleep Out America.”

“It’s the San Angelo version of a nation-wide event. We are basically going to be sleeping outside. We’re hoping to bring awareness on the issue of homeless children,” added Mizell-Flint.

There will also be informational videos and round-table discussions during the event, to educate people who attend.

The San Angelo Club House is a program for adults living with mental illness working to improve their lives– some who at one point were homeless themselves.

“When I brought the event to our members, I wasn’t sure if they’d be interested or not. I was surprised a lot of them said they were homeless themselves at one point in their life and they wanted to bring awareness to this issue as well. It’s really meaningful on several levels. For some of our members it’s on a personal level,” said Mizell-Flint.

The “Sleep Out America” event at the San Angelo Clubhouse will begin at 7:00pm. The clubhouse is located at 404 S. Irving St. in San Angelo.

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