(KLST/KSAN)– It’s been a month since the food and drug administration warned consumers not to use or purchase certain powdered formulas including Alimentum, Similac and Ele-care made by Abbott Nutrition.

Since the recall, the affected lots have been pulled from the shelves, but stores have not been able to restock.

Officials say the formula shortage didn’t start with the recall. And it’s not expected to get better any time soon. According to IRI, a market research firm, baby formula supply was down nearly twenty percent last month across major retailers from where it was before the pandemic began.

According to the City of San Angelo’s WIC office, there are other powdered options similar to Similac for parents who can’t find the type your baby needs.

For Similac advance powder alternative brands include Enfamil infant, Gerber good start gentle, H-E-B baby HMO advantage, Wal-Mart parent’s choice infant non-GMO or Wal-Mart parent’s choice advantage non-GMO.

Because babies need a specific balance of nutrients, the WIC and American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend making baby formula at home. They also say you should not overly dilute the formula.

Similac is back on the shelves, but due to the demand, Wal-Mart is asking families to only take 5 tins per child until they are able to fully restock.