Silver Bluebonnet Day Attendees Treated to Baby Calf Reveal


Senior citizens of San Angelo took ad ay to visit the San Angelo State Park for the 13th Silver Bluebonnet Day.

A number of trailer tours were scheduled for the people attending and they chose which ones to sign up for.

Deola Mitts says every year people can’t wait for the event and they “don’t want to miss it and want to be sure to be there.”

Mitts is a board member for the Friends of San Angelo State Park and says there were a number of tours to choose from, including a trip to visit the Longhorns and Bison.

Tourists opting for this part of the program were treated to the viewing of a baby calf added to the bison herd who was just born yesterday.

“Ohhhhh that was just precious. That was just like seeing a shiny new hundred dollar bill!” Jeanette Reviere says. “It’s just, wonderful. It made my heart kinda sink.”

San Angelo State Park Ranger Billie Hancock added the baby calf’s present is great, however it was important to get a full scope of how important bison are to history.

“You want to give them more information so they can actually understand it,” Hancock says. “Rather than just saying ‘welp, here’s some bison, some longhorn here and take a look at em they’re fascinating.'”

As of now the park has about 14 bison roaming the area, with more being born each year around mother’s day.

Hancock says the new calf won’t be given a name as they don’t normally name animals born from the wild, only those that are donated.

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