“Shattered Dreams” Warns Students About Dangers of Drunk/Distracted Driving


First responders and other San Angelo community members organized a “Shattered Dreams” production at the Coliseum.

High school seniors across San Angelo were invited to watch the program–which depicted the sequence of events of a vehicle collision which took place as a result of someone driving under the influence or while distracted.

As Sgt. Justin Baker with Texas DPS says, the goal was to “let them [the students] live out the true consequences on the floor. This will hopefully prevent students from making poor decisions in the future.”

The student actors in the production are Lake View and Central High school seniors as well.

The video production shows these students attending a house party and ultimately being involved in the wreck after a night of drinking.

“We really don’t understand how it truly is when something happens in the blink of an eye,” says Gabriella Ramirez–a Lake View High School senior. “How our lives could be shattered just like that.”

For Austin Weed, the production struck a chord. He was involved in a vehicle collision last year which left him without his leg.

“Especially the hospital scene…it was tough for me because I was there at one point…that was me,” Weed says, recalling the production. “This may have been some kids acting but I was in that struggle and I know its tough to be there.”

It cost over $30,000 to put this program together. Jon-Michael Parker with the Concho Valley Regional Advisory Council wanted to make it happen.

He says 3 years ago, his friend died after his friend’s vehicle collided with the vehicle of a drunk driver.

“It was pretty powerful to see,” Parker continues. “Especially when you see DPS going to the house and you see the kids afterwards.”

Organizers and the student actors hope to make a difference with this production and teach students to make the right choices and prevent them from hurting their future by making the wrong decisions.

“They know the consequences, I’m sure the parents tell em, I’m sure the community tells em,” says Amy Coats with San Angelo Community Medical Center. “But we wanted to bring that to them in a different way so we could truly impact them and have them leave with that silence.”

The “Shattered Dreams” video production is at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLtGQNnU0TY

All footage of the video production is courtesy of the City of San Angelo.

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