La Esperanza Clinic taking precautions for Coronavirus


San Angelo, TX — Hundreds in San Angelo and Tom Green County have been tested for Coronavirus. La Esperanza clinic is one place where people are going for testing.

The clinic is taking special precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone who visits.

“What we have is a three question screening prior to entering the building,” says Norma Dietz-Lee, Director of Outreach at La Esperanza Clinic, “If someone meets all three of those questions then we make sure that we put them into a room that is specific for them and making sure that they’re not exposing anyone else and they’re not sitting in the lobby.”

In order to adhere to the city-wide request for social-distancing, Dietz-Lee suggests patients call for an appointment before coming by. She also asks that patients try to visit the clinic alone.

“We are asking that if an adult can come alone, come alone. And, if that person is capable and able to not need an interpreter or a caregiver, additional people are going to be asked to wait in the parking lot.”

While La Esperanza clinic is the smallest of the healthcare systems in town, Dietz-Lee says anyone who needs screening will be taken care of.

“We have a fabulous medical director that works very closely with the other two health systems in town and so, if for some reason we didn’t have the testing we’re not going to sit on that. We’re going to work with our other health systems in town and make sure that people get the screening that they need.”

Extended interview segment

In a portion of the interview that had to be cut for broadcast time, Dietz-Lee urges people to do their best to adhere to social-distancing guidelines and remember to wash their hands. Dietz-Lee also has some suggestions for where to find the best information about Covid-19.

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