Senator Ted Cruz “Defend And Reform” Town Hall Meeting


U.S. Senator Representative for Texas, Ted Cruz, says, “absolutely, look this election is hard fought.”

Cruz expressed his concerns about his democratic opponent, Beto O’Rourke at the “Defend and Reform” town hall hosted by the Concerned Veterans of America. There, he discussed the VA Mission Act.

“How to provide more accountability to insure that veterans receive the care that they have earned and that they deserve,” says Cruz, “and also how to give veterans more choice.”

Beyond the veterans, he also discussed his legislation of immigration that includes keeping families together in detention facilities.

“You keep the entire family together in a secured detention facility, you then-this legislation doubles the number of federal immigration judges, so you expedite their cases,” says Cruz. “If they don’t have a valid claim, then that claim gets denied and denied quickly, and you send their entire family-the parents and the kids-back to their home country.”

Cruz also says he’s been urging the Trump Administration to lower tariffs and expand trade. 

“Now, I think it is very beneficial that President Trump is leaning in with China to get them to lower their tariffs and lower their trade barriers,” says Cruz. “China does not compete in a fair way with us, and I think it’s good to have a president, willing to stand up to china. President Obama didn’t do that and we got taken advantage of.”

With his upcoming election in November, he believes Texas will stay red.

“Now, I don’t believe that Texas will turn blue, but politically my job is very simple, to turn conservatives out. Turn out, turn out, turn out.”

This will be the second time Ted Cruz is running for Senator.

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