SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo Police Department received a report this morning that a person was stopped in traffic on the 1700 block of Cox Lane by a subject in an unmarked vehicle.

A black Dodge Charger with dark-colored rims, a light bar with strobe lights near the rearview mirror, and temporary registration tags on the rear of the vehicle made contact with a resident, according to a release from SAPD.

The subject was described as an approximately 6′ – 6’2″ tall black male, between the ages of 20-30 with a medium athletic build and a possible tattoo on his right hand.

He then left abruptly when questioned about his identity and the agency he was with by the person he stopped. The release explains, “Officers checked with other law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area and learned that the subject was not associated with them.”

SAPD advises:

If you find yourself being stopped by a vehicle that is not immediately identifiable as a marked police unit (or unmarked) please follow the tips below to ensure that you are safe.

1. Call 911- Make contact with 911 to verify that the person stopping you is in fact a police officer.

2. Turn on your hazard lights- Turn on your hazard lights and slowly make your way to the nearest populated/well lit area and advise the dispatcher of the location you intend on stopping.

3. Know your location- Knowing your location is key so that you can relay this information to the dispatcher. A location would be helpful in the case that it is an illegitimate stop and Officers can find you quickly to help. (Landmarks, restaurants, convenience stores, intersections, etc.)

4. Describe the vehicle to dispatch- Try to give the best description you can of the vehicle attempting to stop you. This can help confirm whether or not this vehicle is associated with a law enforcement agency.

5. Follow the directions of the dispatcher- Follow the directions of the dispatcher if they confirm that the vehicle stopping you is in fact a law enforcement officer.

6. Stay on the phone with the dispatcher- Even if you find a populated/well lit area to stop, stay on the phone with the dispatcher until you verify that the stop is legitimate.

They encourage you to contact the SAPD at 325-657-4315 if you have had similar contact with this subject or have any information that could help identify him.