San Angelo water issue update and testing


SAN ANGELO, Texas – After multiple weeks of water issues, the residents of San Angelo are getting an update on the status of restoration efforts. The City of San Angelo Water Departments are working to repair the breaks in the mains and test the water for contaminants.

Nearly a week after the city and, more specifically, the PaulAnn area experienced an extended “Do-Not-Use” water order, a winter storm came over the Concho Valley that caused water mains to freeze, then burst. This prompted empty tanks and low pressure – so officials were forced to shut off access to the remaining water supply in order to fix the spewing pipes.

San Angelo’s Water Utilities Manager, Allison Strube, held an emergency city council meeting explaining the updates to those able to view the zoom meeting. Tymn Combest, the city’s Water Plant Operations Manager, gave some insight into the around-the-clock efforts to ensure water is safe and restored to all residents.

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