San Angelo update on the current water situation heading into the weekend


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The city of San Angelo released a statement this evening concerning the current water situation and some desired outcomes for this weekend.

Conserve, conserve, conserve.
Today, we saw a considerable amount of people calling in for meter turn offs due to broken or cracked service lines. We did expect this as the temperatures increased above freezing. Citizens may have seen fire hydrants around town releasing water today. This operation was done for a couple of reasons. The first was part of the leak repair process, and the second was part of the process required by TCEQ to release the City from our current boil water notice. Thankfully, we saw less leaks than anticipated today due to the temperature change.

To report leaks or sewer backups please call 325-657-4295. We are experiencing high call volumes right now, so please call back if we are unable to answer the first time you call.

Today the water treatment plant maintained the same high flow rate and pressures as were delivered on Thursday (21.5 million gallons per day). This is typically a flow rate that we see in the peak summer heat. As the tanks did gain some ground Thursday night, we did see a slight drop in those tanks throughout today. Our goal is to increase our water volume in our storage tanks throughout Friday night and this weekend. This would then hopefully allow us to move onto sending water through our system into the tanks that will then pressurize the high plane and eventually our system.

For reference, these are the water tanks we have in town:

  • Southwest Tank = 9.4 million gallons
  • Abilene Tank = 3.5 million gallons
  • Loop Elevated Tank = 1 million gallons
  • Lakeview Elevated Tank = 1.25 million gallons
  • Bluffs Elevated Tank = 2 million gallons

Conservation is crucial to achieving the end result we are working towards which is our water tanks refilled and our system fully pressurized. Once these things are accomplished we can begin taking test samples around town to see about lifting the boil water notice. Thank you all for your dedication and effort to help our water system.

Water trucks will continue deliveries in the high plane area tomorrow. Trucks will be going through areas that they were not able to get to today, delivering 10 gallons of water to households for use in their toilets. We ask that citizens please be patient as this takes time as our crews work through the area.

Courtesy of San Angelo Public Information Officer

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