San Angelo Supported Living Center aims for more community involvement


SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo Supported Living Center has been a part of the city for over 50 years. They help those with physical and mental disabilities. While the San Angelo Supported Living Center has offered its services for over five decades and members of the Volunteer Services Council say they want the people of San Angelo to know ‘We are here.’

“If you ask most people in San Angelo, most of them probably have no idea that organization exists,” Carl Bradley Co-President of the Volunteer Services Council said.

Members of the Council for the San Angelo Supported Living Center credit that to their distance from the area.

While knowledge of the center may be shaky, for Lillian Porter the center has been crucial in her life.

“The program has been very instrumental to our family’s welfare,” Lillian Porter whose son lives at the Supported Living Center said.  ‘I have a son, that is a resident out there for about 15 years.’

For porter her son has her close, but that’s not the case for other residents. So a major focus is to maintain family connection, whether the residents family is really there or not.

“Having those employees come alongside them they’re mom, they’re dad, they’re brother and they’re sister to these residents out there, some of them don’t have anyone,” Mallory Hooker a board member of the Volunteer Services Council said.

The center provides services for residents to help them continue to progress no matter their disability.

“Many, many things that many of us take for granted that the family provides that these individuals often do not have access to,” Porter said.

The community not knowing much about them also leads to some misconceptions according to board members.

For one, the center isn’t state funded and works completely through donations.

“The state only provides so much for them and we come along as the bottle to serve as counsel to kind of give them a better life,”

Being donation based makes a huge impact and Co-President Carl Bradley says they’re aiming to be more active outside of their four walls which will continue to help those they serve too.

“We want to do fun-runs within the city to showcase we have this going on here,” Bradley said.

Getting people more involved is a goal and whether it be monetarily or physically; members are encouraging people to volunteer.

“When you serve you know you have that satisfactory, that I’ve done something to help somebody else out,” Bradley said.

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