San Angelo stands at 68 months surface water supply


Between O.H. Ivie, Twin Buttes, Lake Nasworthy and other local area reservoirs San Angelo is currently in possession of over 200-billion gallons of water. City staff have upgraded the available surface water supply up to now 68 months.

Officials, like Upper Colorado River Authority Director Chuck Brown, talk about supplies in terms of acre feet. “In gallons,” explained Brown, “if we look at O.H. Ivie Reservoir 300,000 acre feet is 97 and a half billion gallons.”

That sounds like a lot of water, which begs the question, why is the area still labeled as being in a drought? Chuck Brown again explains, saying, “looking at the recent rainfall over the last couple months, we are in a moderate drought, and that’s based on the National Weather Service and their data showing that we are below average rainfall for this time of year.”

It is below average rainfall like that, in a region in which droughts are common and often severe, that has city officials seeking more varied and secure sources for our water.

“One of the things we also need to realize,” said Brown, “is that municipalities and water suppliers and river authorities are always looking into the future for additional water supplies.”

Which is why efforts such as the Hickory Aquifer Expansion and Concho River Project are of vital importance to the San Angelo going forward.

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