San Angelo sees upward trend for new businesses


San Angelo, Texas — ‘We did not do as badly as many communities did during the pandemic.’ That’s what Walt Koenig, President and CEO of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, says regarding how new businesses are popping up through out the city.

San Angelo is doing well with businesses, of all industries, wanting to come to the city and set up shop, something Walt Koenig says is due to San Angelo being dealt a better hand than most cities during the pandemic. As a product of being dealt a better hand San Angelo has been able to both recover and grow in 2021.

“We have really snapped back strong in the post pandemic phase, very excited about the businesses that are coming to town, very excited about the quality of businesses,” Walt Koenig President/CEO of San Angelo Chamber of Commerce said.

Walt Koenig credits some of the advantages San Angelo has to the city’s location.

“Somewhat by our remoteness, we were able to control our pandemic response very well and as a community and as community leadership team we came together, worked very hard to make sure that we adhere to all the protocols, and we were able to keep our businesses open to a degree that others weren’t,” Koenig said.

As 2021 moves along there continues to be an uptick in business activity. Trend reports showing a shift from urban to rural.

“People are learning that they can, they can work anywhere they choose, and a lot of people are choosing to live in a community of 100,000 versus a community of many millions,” Koenig said.

Koenig tells us business coming to the area favor San Angelo for the quality of life which in turn benefits the city.

“So, we’re seeing manufacturing, we’re seeing retail, we’re seeing hospitality, we’re really seeing across the board some good good growth,” Koenig Said.

Walt Koenig President/CEO PRESIDENT Advises anyone wanting to start a business to start with them. After that, they will show you what real estate options are available and set up meetings with the Economic Development Division of the chamber.  

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